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Brochure And Catalog Printing at Reasonable Rates

Best brochure printing services 

A brochure is not merely a tool for branding but a way to convey detailed information about the idea, brand, venue, project, and event to the potential customers of a brand. We offer brochure printing in any size. At Trademark Print, our digital printing services mean we can arrange flyers for businesses in the nick of time.

Quick Brochure Printing & distribution services 

Businesses who run on shorter deadlines prefer our services as we can deliver quickly. Our team can print and distribute your brochures or flyers with one phone call from you. Alternatively, we can also print & dispatch your order to you or anywhere in the country and this includes our friends in NZ. With a dedicated team committed to fulfilling the expectations of large businesses, we are a leading catalogue printing and distribution provider. 

Why choose us? 

With years of experience in providing print and packaging services, we have a proven track record of satisfied clients and on-time delivery of bulk orders. Brands choose our services for: 

  • Quick printing of brochures with delivery the next day, or after a few days. 

  • Best printing of offset brochures having delivery time within 4-5 days.

  • Self Publishers print their books with Trademark Print  

  • High-quality digital & offset printing 

  • Organise the printing & distribution of your flyers with one phone call to us. 

  • Best team of designers & Editors who have skills in producing books, brochures, catalogues and packaging for any business.

  • Assurance of quality printing 

  • Reasonable printing prices 

  • Aust Post partner


  1. What are the different types of brochure folds? 

Brochures are the most versatile marketing media. People often face a dilemma when they sit down for brochure printing. Well, there are different types of brochure folds which one can choose from. The half-fold is perfect for basic presentations while it gives a considerably basic booklet appearance. Trifold or letter-fold is the most popular and versatile folds. They find their use in business marketing. The Z fold is quite similar to the tri-fold brochure. People prefer this fold for a mailed piece or design. The Open Gate folds are common for graphically rich designs while the Closed Gate Folds are for larger presentations. 

   2. What stocks do printers offer for brochure printing? 

While preparing for brochure printing, one needs to make the paper stock choices carefully. There are many paper stock choices for printing brochures. One can choose Glossy paper stocks and let colourful images make a bold statement. Many people look forward to using Glossy paper when they want attractive brochures. Alternatively, one may opt for the matte option if they know there will be frequent handling of brochures. Although matte paper stocks aren't shiny, they enhance the overall appearance of the brochures. One may choose paper with varying strengths and thicknesses. 

    3. Why us for catalogue printing? 

People choose our services over others when it comes to catalogue printing because of certain factors. These factors include: 

  • Quality - We use the best materials and paper stocks for creating quality catalogues that serve their purpose. 

  • Experience - We have a skilled team that has years of experience in the field and works with dedication to create the best catalogues for any business. 

  • Reputation - We are a reputable printing service provider. With an established client base, we have a good reputation in the field and succeed to provide printing services for businesses of any size. 


   4. How to save time & money on catalogue printing? 

When it comes to catalogue printing, every business owner wants to save time & looks for ways to cut down the costs for the work. While some people opt for a cheap service provider, others ensure that the printers they hire offer quality printing at affordable prices. One may save time & money by looking for printing services online. Another way to save additional costs for re-prints is to check & verify the spellings before printing. Also, one may order the printing in bulk. Many printers charge a considerably lesser amount when they order bulk in larger quantities and variations. 




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